Cymbidium.JPG (35635 bytes)Cymbidium canaliculatum: The Cymbidiums are the best known and most widely cultivated group of orchids. There 44 species worldwide with three of these native to Australia. As well as the 44 species there are countless hybrids.
Cymbidium canaliculatum is known as the Tiger Orchid and is an epiphyte*. This Orchid grows in the hollows of trees (see image). The Tiger Orchid flowers in spring and produces sprays of fragrant blooms. There is usually between 12 to 60 flowers in each spray. Flowers vary in colour and may be green, brown, red-brown or dark red. Some flowers may have spots on their petals.
Established plants do not like to be disturbed. They have extremely long roots. This is one reason not to try to transplant established plants. Transplanting should also be avoided because The Tiger Orchid is a protected plant.
The Tiger Orchid is a native of inland New South Wales as well as Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.
Propagation may be from seed but the species could be difficult to maintain.
Perhaps the moral of this story is to admire this Orchid in its natural habitat and cultivate some of the numerous hardy hybrids if you wish to grow Orchids.

*Epiphyte: A plant growing on, but not parasitic on, another plant.