C.anacardioides.JPG (62776 bytes)Cupaniopsis anacardioides: is a member of the Sapindaceae family and is known as Tuckeroo.

Cupaniopsis anacardioides is a small, spreading tree with compound leaves. Leaflets are ovate to oblong, dark green and leathery. Flowers are carried in numerous panicles (much branched inflorescences). Blooms are fragrant and greenish white. Flowering occurs between March and July.

Seed capsules are 3 to 6 lobed, bright orange, leathery and mature between November and December.

Tuckeroo is found along the east coast, of Australia, between Townsville, Queensland and south of Sydney. The species also occurs in the Northern Territory.

Cupaniopsis anacardioides is cultivated in sub-tropical areas and has proved to be very hardy in these climatic zones. Regular watering and fertiliser will increase growth rate. Tuckeroo could be grown as a street tree.

Cupaniopsis anacardioides is probably too frost sensitive to be cultivated in our high altitude garden.

The specimen illustrated was growing in a Reserve on the Central Coast, north of Sydney.

Propagate from fresh seed that may take 4 to 6 weeks to germinate.