Crypt.scort.JPG (32146 bytes)Cryptandra scortechinii: is also known as Stenanthemum scortechinii and is a member of the Rhamnaceae family.
Cryptandra scortechinii is a small, rounded shrub that reaches a height of 1 metre with a spread of 60 centimetres. Lanceolate leaves are about 2 centimetres long.
Masses of woolly flower heads appear in spring. They are an eye-catching and unusual feature. Light pruning, after flowering, will promote bounteous blooming.
Cryptandra scortechinii prefers well-drained sites in full sun or partial shade.
The species occurs in coastal, tableland and western slope areas of New South Wales as well as Queensland.
We have a number of specimens in our gardens and they have proved to be hardy and free-flowering. Cryptandra scortechinii occurs naturally about 1.5 kilometres east of Yallaroo.
This free-flowering shrub could be grown in native cottage gardens and as a foreground shrub in garden beds.
A cultivar known as “White Mischief” is grown for the cut flower trade.
Propagate from cuttings.