Coopers_hybrid.JPG (22378 bytes)Crowea exalata: Croweas are members of the Rutaceae family in company with Boronias and Correas. There are three species. One species is from Western Australia and two from eastern Australia. Crowea exalata is a beautiful small spreading shrub with aromatic foliage and profuse pink flowers. The main flowering period is between October and June. Sporadic flowering occurs at other times. A word of warning: a number of different forms have appeared in nurseries over the past few years. Some are dwarf forms or ground covers and some have white flowers. Many of these forms have proved difficult to establish and die suddenly. A native plant nursery person confirmed these problems. Even in pots in the nursery there is a high attrition rate. On a more positive note: two hybrids have proved to be hardy and long-lived in both our garden and other Northern Tableland’s gardens. Crowea Coopers Hybrid and Crowea Festival are both small upright shrubs with large pink flowers. They are said to be hybrids between Crowea exalata and Crowea saligna, the other eastern species. The “conventional” form of Crowea exalata is very hardy, free flowering, drought tolerant and frost resistant. The main image is Coopers Hybrid from the gardens at Yallaroo. This plant is about six years old. The close-up image is a flower from one of our Crowea exalata plants. The flowers are usually about one centimetre in diameter.