Crested_pigeon.JPG (46130 bytes)Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes): also known as the Topknot Pigeon and is a large bird 305-355 millimetres long. This is the only Australian native pigeon that is greyish with a slender, black crest. Wings have narrow, wavy black bars. They have bronze wing patches edged with white. The long tail is black towards the end.

Crested pigeons may be observed singly, in pairs or flocks. They feed on the ground, run with their crests erect and often sun themselves on dead trees, overhead wires and fences.

Crested Pigeons fly rapidly with their wing beats making a whistling sound. They often glide with wings outstretched.

They occupy many habitats including roadsides, croplands, paddocks, playing fields and farmyards.

Nests are platforms constructed of twigs often in dense vegetation. Two eggs are laid and are oval, pure white and glossy.

Crested Pigeons are found throughout the Australian mainland. They are common around the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales where they occupy the habitats mentioned above. They rarely visit Yallaroo. In 14 years we have been visited less that five times.