C.helmsii.JPG (48975 bytes)Crassula helmsii: is a member of the Crassulaceae family and is known as the Swamp Stonecrop.

Crassula helmsii is an aquatic plant that grows in fresh water or marshy areas.

The much-branched stems creep or float and form dense mats. Leaves are succulent, small, linear and green or reddish in colour. Flowers are white also small and carried in the upper leaf axils. Blooms are carried between November and April.

Crassula helmsii is a succulent perennial that may be grown in ponds and dams or as a bog plant.

Keep in mind that plants spread densely and rapidly and sections need to be removed regularly. The harvested material could be composted.

Crassula helmsii is a widespread species that occurs in most mainland states and Tasmania.

The Swamp Stonecrop has been introduced into the United Kingdom where it has become an environmental weed.

The plant illustrated is growing in one of our ponds. Its origin is a mystery because we did not introduce the plant into the pond.

Propagate from division or stem cuttings.