Craspedia.JPG (33207 bytes)Craspedia variabilis:  is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family and is a perennial herb with grey leaves. Plant may have a spread of 50 centimetres.
Golden, globular flower heads are carried on long stems. These stems are known as scapes.
Spring and summer herald an explosion of flowers. Mature plants carry dozens of flower heads. Each flowering Craspedia is like a golden beacon in the garden.
Craspedia variabilis is a widespread species and is found in many areas of New South Wales as well as Queensland , Victoria , South Australia and Western Australia .
Our original plants came from cuttings collected from a solitary specimen growing in an area that had been mined for sapphires near Inverell in northern New South Wales . The Craspedia was surrounded by a sea of weeds. We were attracted by the foliage and flowers.
Craspedia variabilis propagates enthusiastically from cuttings and we now have many plants growing in the gardens at Yallaroo.
The common name, for the 13 Australian species, is Billy Buttons or Bachelor Buttons. Both names refer to the shape of the flower heads.
Flower colour and foliage are similar to Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum and we often plant these species close together.
Native cottage gardens and rockeries are suitable situations for this beautiful perennial herb.