Correa_Mt_Richmond.jpg (53821 bytes)Correa Mt Richmond: is a member of the Rutaceae family and is a form of the widely distributed Correa reflexa.

Correa Mt Richmond is an upright shrub that will reach a height of 50 centimetres. Deep green leaves are about three centimetres long, have a rough surface and an elongated heart shape. Pairs of leaves clasp individual flowers (see image). This is a characteristic of all the many forms of Correa reflexa.

Tubular blooms are bright red with yellow tips. The flowering period extends from autumn to winter. Honeyeaters are frequent visitors to the nectar-rich flowers.

Correa Mt Richmond is drought and frost hardy. The foliage and flowers are both attractive features.

This form comes from Mt Richmond National Park near Portland in Victoria. Patrick Laher introduced Correa Mt Richmond into cultivation in 1985.

Propagate from cuttings.

For those interested in the identification and cultivation of Correas we would recommend Correas Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens by Maria Hitchcock and published by Rosenberg Publishing. Clear and concise text plus beautiful photographs are the hallmarks of this splendid addition to the literature dealing with Australia’s unique flora.