Correa_Green_Dream.jpg (39449 bytes)Correa Green Dream: is a member of the Rutaceae family and is a low, mounded shrub that will reach a height of about one metre.

Dark green, glossy leaves are round to slightly oval, 24 millimetres long and 20 millimetres wide and are aromatic when crushed.

Flowers are lime green, tubular, rich in nectar and 25 millimetres long. Honeyeaters are attracted to the flowers. Flowering is said to occur in winter and spring. Our specimen was photographed in the summer of 2011. The plant had many developing buds. Tip pruning is appreciated.

Correa Green Dream is a hybrid whose parents are Correa alba and a form of Correa glabra. The leaf resembles the foliage of Correa alba and the foliage aroma is the same as Correa glabra.

The hybrid was developed by the Bywong Nursery in southern New South Wales. This nursery has developed many interesting cultivars and hybrids.

Propagate from cuttings.