Correa_glabra.JPG (10853 bytes)Correa glabra: is a member of the Rutaceae family and as far as we know is the only member of the genus withC.glabra(red).JPG (23456 bytes) aromatic foliage. As with most of the genus, Correa glabra is a variable species. It may be an upright to spreading medium shrub with dense foliage. The tubular flowers may be pale green, green, golden or pink to red. We have two forms. One is an upright shrub with light green foliage and light green flowers. The other is a more spreading shrub with red and green flowers and glossy, dark green leaves. Flowering, for both forms, occurs in late summer, autumn and winter. The flowers are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters.  It has proved to be adaptable growing in full sun and dappled shade. As with most Correas this species propagates readily from cuttings.
We came across large specimens, of the red-flowered form, in the Snowy Mountains, southern New South Wales. These plants were about two metres tall.