Chefs_Cap.JPG (42931 bytes)Correa baeuerlenii: is known as the Chef’s Cap Correa. This name refers to the pale green, tubular flowers that have a flattened hat-like calyx. The distinctive blooms are carried from March to August.
The Chef’s Cap Correa is a dense rounded, small shrub. The leaves are curved, covered in prominent glands and have a slightly sweet perfume when crushed.
Correa baeuerlenii has proved to be a hardy and free flowering shrub, in our gardens, at Yallaroo. The species prefers dappled shade or partial sun. It makes an excellent foreground plant in shrubberies. Light pruning is appreciated.
Growth habit, foliage and flowers are attractive features. In fact the foliage and flowers are completely different from any other Correa.
The Chef’s Cap Correa is only found in the southeastern coast and ranges of New South Wales.
Propagate from cuttings. We have found that the cuttings are slower to produce roots than other Correa cuttings.