C.Western_Star.JPG (50932 bytes)Correa Western Pink Star: is a member of the Rutaceae family and is a form of the well-known Correa alba.
“Western Pink Star” was collected by a member of the Australian Plant Society who now resides in Armidale , New South Wales . The form was discovered on a cliff tops, facing the ocean, in western Victoria .
This colourful Correa grows to about one metre high and will form a mounded ground cover.
The main flowering period is from April to June with sporadic flowering at other times. The flowers are pink, fading as they age. The blooms have a similar, open shape to “traditional” Correa alba flowers.
The leaves are almost round with a dense covering of hairs giving the foliage a rusty appearance.
Both foliage and flowers are attractive features. We have found that Correa Western Pink Star is hardy and free flowering and plants are being scattered throughout our gardens.
Propagation from cuttings is easy.