C.Point_Hicks.JPG (43482 bytes)Correa Point Hicks: is a member of the Rutaceae family. This variety is probably a form of Correa reflexa.
Correa Point Hicks is a small shrub with light green, opposite leaves that are oval in shape. Pairs of leaves tend to cover the base of the flowers.
The large flowers are tubular, slightly bulbous, bright red, bird attracting and usually appear in autumn and winter. The blooms are an eye-catching feature.
Tip prune to keep plants bushy and blooming bounteously.
Point Hicks is on the coast of eastern Victoria and is surrounded by Croajingolong National Park.
Victoria and also South Australia are home to a number of colourful forms of Correa reflexa.
Correa Point Hicks would be a colourful addition to native garden beds, cottage gardens and rockeries.
A form of Correa reflexa grows naturally on Yallaroo. Our plants have green, bell-shaped flowers.
Propagate all forms from cuttings.
An item of maritime interest. There is a lighthouse on Point Hicks that was built in 1890 and at a height of 35.5 metres is the tallest in Australia.