Correa_Autumn_Blaze.jpg (47865 bytes)Correa Autumn Blaze: is a member of the Rutaceae family and is a low growing, spreading shrub reaching a height of 30 centimetres with a spread of 1.5 metres.

Small leaves are glossy and mid green in colour. Tubular flowers are a brilliant orange and cover plants from autumn to early spring. Blooms are both conspicuous and copious.

Correa Autumn Blaze has proved to be drought and frost resistant when established. A light annual prune will help to maintain a dense growth habit and keep plants blooming bounteously.

Correa Autumn Blaze is a cultivar of the well known Correa pulchella and was selected from a wild population on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia.

Correa Autumn Blaze could be grown in native rockeries and cottage gardens. Massed planting would create a stunning landscape feature. Another idea is to alternate this cultivar with Correa Dusky Bells which has the same growth habit and similar extended flowering period.

Propagate from cuttings.

For those interested in the identification and cultivation of Correas we would recommend Correas Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens by Maria Hitchcock and published by Rosenberg Publishing. Clear and concise text plus beautiful photographs are the hallmarks of this splendid addition to the literature dealing with Australia’s unique flora.