Cordyline.JPG (15483 bytes)Cordyline stricta: is known as the Narrow-leaved Palm Lily. It is a member of the Asteliaceae family. In days gone by it was included in the Agavaceae family. There are 20 species in the genus and eight of these are native to eastern Australia.
Cordyline stricta is a tall shrub with long, linear leaves and pendulous clusters of bluish flowers in spring. Fleshy black fruits follow the flowers. Both flowers and fruits are attractive features of the Palm Lily. Although individual flowers are small they are sometimes visited by honeyeaters.
Cordyline stricta grows naturally in rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest. Yallaroo is far removed from these environments but we are managing to cultivate a number of specimens. They are growing near our patio facing the east and in company with Dicksonia Tree Ferns. The ferns are watered regularly and the Palm Lilies benefit from this irrigation. One of our frog ponds is close to the Palm Lilies. In summer Dwarf Green Tree Frogs shelter in the bases of Palm Lily leaves. On occasions we have counted up to ten frogs on each Palm Lily.
Propagate from seeds also from stem cuttings, suckers and rhizome division.