Beware of this Grass! Some time ago Coolatai Grass (Hyparrhenia hirta) was introduced from the Mediterranean region for pasture improvement(?). Unfortunately the grass has escaped from pastures and is growing alongside roadsides in many regions of New South Wales as well as Queensland, Northern territory, South Australia and western Australia. Not only is this grass infesting roadsides but is now invading bushland. On Yallaroo it is also colonizing rocky outcrops. Once the grass takes hold the clumps become so thick that herbaceous plants and small shrubs are swamped. Notice the distinctive two-pronged raceme. Coolatai Grass has the potential to become a serious environmental weed. Ironically it seems to have little potential for grazing. Control is rather difficult. We brush cut areas to reduce seed set and in some cases we kill this obnoxious invader with herbicide. Apparently some government instrumentalities are still introducing exotic grasses without examining their environmental impact.