Conospermum-long.jpg (43977 bytes)Conospermum longifolium: is a member of the Proteaceae family in company with the Banksias, Grevilleas and Hakeas. The genus is native to Australia with 53 species. Most of these occur in the south-west of Western Australia . Some of these western species are highly prized as cut flowers. Conospermums are commonly known as Smoke Bushes.
Conospermum longifolium is a low shrub that reaches a height of one metre. The leaves are about 25 centimetres long and two centimetres wide. They are slightly twisted. The species name refers to the length of the leaves.
The flowers are tubular, cream to white, carried in dense spikes on axillary or terminal stalks. The stalks may 30 centimetres long.
Conospermum longifolium is a native of New South Wales and is found on the coast and adjacent ranges. The specimen illustrated was growing in Strickland State Forest on the Central Coast of New South Wales.
This Smoke Bush prefers well drained soils in full or partial sun. It is not well known in cultivation but could be grown in a rockery or native cottage garden.
Propagate from seed or cuttings.