Colourful_correas.JPG (19591 bytes)Colourful Correas: We are very fond of Correas. At the time of writing (May 2001) there are at least 250 individual Correa plants in the gardens at Yallaroo with many more to be planted in new gardens. Correas are members of the Rutaceae family in company with Boronias and exotic Citrus. It is said that there are 11 Correa species, all endemic (only native to Australia). There is a great deal of taxonomic confusion within the genus and a botanical review is long overdue. As well as species confusion there is a bewildering array of cultivars and hybrids. We have given up on Correa identification and are concentrating on growing as many of these beautiful plants as possible. We will leave the taxonomy to theoretical botanists.
Correas have tubular flowers that come in a range of colours. The palette of flower colours includes green, red, pink and white. Most Correas flower in autumn and winter when other flowers are scarce in the garden. The flowers are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters.
Correas growing at Yallaroo have proved to be as “tough as old boots”. They are resistant to drought and frost, virtually disease and pest free, flower profusely, attract birds, have attractive foliage and propagate readily from cuttings. What more could you ask of any plant?  The image illustrates a small number of the Correas cultivated at Yallaroo. It shows a range of foliage and flower colours.