Cockatoo.JPG (31843 bytes)Bracteantha bracteata cv Cockatoo: Over the last few years there has been a taxonomic reshuffle in the Australian daisy (Asteraceae) family. Many genera have been renamed. Most Helichrysum are now Bracteantha. The well-known Golden everlasting (Helichrysum bracteatum) is now Bracteantha bracteata. Many cultivars and hybrids have developed from this colourful and versatile daisy. Cockatoo is one of our favourite hybrids. The parents are thought to be a white form of B. bracteata and Dargan Hill Monarch (a yellow-flowered daisy which may be accorded species status). Cockatoo develops into a dense mounded plant with hairy, grey leaves and masses of large lemon-flowers. Flowering occurs throughout the year. Remove spent flowers to keep the plant bushy and blooming bounteously. At Yallaroo, our Cockatoos usually last about two years when they run out of steam and need replacing.  Do not let their short life span dampen your horticultural enthusiasm. Cockatoos propagate easily from cuttings. We always have struck cuttings waiting in the wings ready to replace expiring mature plants. Pink Surprise has similar flowers preceded by pink buds. We use Cockatoos in cut flower arrangements.