C.hypoglauca.JPG (45590 bytes)Cissus hypoglauca: is a member of the Vitaceae family. Its common names are Native Grape or Giant Water Vine.
The Native Grape is a large woody climber with compound leaves made up of five leaflets. Tendrils* grow off the stems opposite each leaf. The tendrils are two branched. The flowers are yellowish green and appear in spring. The blooms are followed by clusters of black, grape-like fruits (hence one common name). Birds will eat the fruits.
Cissus hypoglauca is very vigorous and may swamp a small garden with its growth habit and dense foliage. The Native Grape has been grown as an indoor plant where its growth habit is somewhat curtailed. It will grow in low light conditions.
Cissus hypoglauca is a common vine of rainforests and moist areas from eastern Victoria to north east Queensland .
Propagate from fresh seed or cuttings.
* Tendrils: A plant organ modified to support stems in climbers.