Choretrm_pauc.JPG (71334 bytes)Choretrum pauciflorum: is a member of the Santalaceae family and is known as the Dwarf Sour Bush.
All members of the Santalaceae family are hemiparasites and derive some nutrients from the roots of nearby plants. They are basically underground mistletoes.
Choretrum pauciflorum is a spreading shrub that is said to reach a height of two metres. The plants that we have observed rarely exceed one metre with a spread of one metre.
Branches are rigid with very small triangular leaves. Flowers are solitary and cover the branches in spring. Their fleshy fruits contain one seed and have an acidic taste (hence the common name).
The Dwarf Sour Bush is widespread and occurs in coastal and tablelandís regions of New South Wales as well as Victoria . The species is common in bushland on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales.
Choretrum pauciflorum is said to hybridise with Choretrum candollei.
Propagation is rather difficult. Please refer to the Choretrum candollei entry for details.