Chocolate.JPG (21521 bytes)Dichopogon fimbriatus: is commonly known as the Nodding Chocolate Lily. The species was previously known as Arthropodium fimbriatum. In spring and summer, as we walk down to collect our mail, we are greeted by the strong smell of chocolate. At this time of the year The Nodding Chocolate Lily, a perennial herb, is in full flower. Each plant produces a flower spike carrying about a dozen large blue six-petalled flowers. Individual flowers have a strong chocolate scent and when a number of plants are growing close together, as happens near our front gate, the scent is amplified.
This is a widespread species and occurs in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia as well as NSW. The Nodding Chocolate Lily propagates readily from seed. Although not well known in cultivation, the species has a future as an interesting addition to rockeries or native cottage gardens. Previously included in the Liliaceae family but has been transferred to the Antheriaceae family.