Chloanthes.JPG (39822 bytes)Chloanthes stoechadis: is a member of the Chloanthaceae family. Just to confuse matters the genus is placed in the Verbenaceae family by some botanists.
This unusual native plant develops into a many branched dwarf shrub. The leaves are narrow-linear, about three centimetres long, with rough upper surface and woolly below.
The eye-catching, tubular flowers are between two to four centimetres long and greenish-yellow in colour. Each flower has a two-lobed upper lip and a lower lip with three lobes.
Chloanthes stoechadis is widely distributed but not particularly common. The species occurs in coastal, tablelands and western areas of New South Wales as well as Queensland. It is also said to occur in Western Australia but this is questioned by some botanists.
Chloanthes stoechadis is virtually unknown in cultivation but would be an interesting addition to a native cottage garden or rockery.
The specimen illustrated was found in bushland on the Central Coast of New South Wales.
The species name refers to the similarity to French lavender.
Propagation would probably be from cuttings. This is one native plant that we have not yet attempted to propagate.