C.linearis.JPG (41647 bytes)Cheiranthera linearis: is a member of the Pittosporaceae family and was previously known as Cheiranthera cyanea.

Cheiranthera linearis is a small shrub that usually reaches a height of 30 centimetres. Sometimes, when growing beside other plants the stems will elongate and twine around its neighbour.

Narrow linear leaves are less than four centimetres long. The flowers are carried in clusters. Each cluster contains from two to five flowers. The blooms are an eye-catching blue. Yellow anthers are prominent and have a finger-like appearance. This feature has given rise to the common name: Finger Flower. Spring and summer are the flowering periods.

Cheiranthera linearis is widely distribute but not common. The species occurs in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

The specimen illustrated is in a roadside population west of Yallaroo. The photo was taken in December 2007.

Cheiranthera linearis is a beautiful small shrub that has great horticultural potential and would be an ideal addition to native cottage gardens and rockeries. The intense blue flowers are an outstanding feature.

Seed may take many weeks to germinate so cuttings would be the best method of propagation.