Geraldton_Wax.JPG (58250 bytes)Chamelaucium species: are collectively known as Wax Flowers and are members of the Myrtaceae family. There are 28 named and some undescribed species. Wax Flowers only occur in Western Australia .
Wax Flowers are usually small to medium shrubs with very showy five-petalled flowers. Blooms have a waxy texture.
Chamelauciums prefer good drainage and appear to do best in sandy soils. A position in full sun ensures maximum flowering which usually occurs in spring.
Chamelaucium uncinatum, the Geraldton Wax, is the most popular species. There are many cultivars. The Geraldton Wax is an important commercial plant and is exported as a cut flower.
The plant illustrated is probably a Geraldton Wax cultivar. This specimen has survived, thrived and bloomed bounteously for many years.
Prune after flowering.
Propagate from cuttings.