Cawnpore.JPG (21251 bytes)Cawnpore Lookout: is situated between Boulia and Winton in central Queensland. The landscape viewed from the Lookout is composed of flat-topped hills or mesas. These formations are said to be unique in Australia and South America is the only other place, in the world, where they are found. The Boulia Shire Council has constructed a picnic shelter on the Lookout and a parking area at the bottom of the hill. A short, vigorous walk takes you from the parking area to the Lookout.

The mesas are the remains of plateau country that resisted erosion from an inland sea 90 100 million years ago. The area is known as the Lilleyvale (sometimes spelt Lilyvale) Hills.

We visited the Lookout on our bus tour of Queensland in July 2004. The view is fascinating and we found some interesting plants near the picnic shelter. An Eremophila (Emu Bush), Senna and Ptilotus (Mulla Mulla) were the species we could identify. Seeing the Emu Bush was particularly exciting as this was the first specimen seen on the tour.

Cawnpore is in India and was the site of a massacre during the Indian Mutiny in about 1857. Perhaps the Lookout commemorates this horrific event.