Cassinia_quin.JPG (33341 bytes)Cassinia quinquefaria: is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family and grows into a medium shrub. The aromatic leaves are narrow, linear and grey-green in colour. In summer the plants become covered in straw-coloured flower heads. The flower clusters are carried at the ends of branches and have an elusive perfume.
Cassinia quinquefaria has regenerated in large numbers at Yallaroo and is the most common shrub on our property.
Bursaria spinosa (Blackthorn) has white flowers and blooms at the same time as the Cassinia. In summer, Yallaroo is a sea of cream and white flowers.
Cassinia quinquefaria is widespread in New South Wales and also occurs in Queensland and Victoria.
This attractive shrub could be cultivated in shrubberies. The foliage will contrast with other foliage in the garden.
The species propagates readily from cuttings.