Captain-Smith.JPG (15388 bytes)Captain Edward Smith (1850-1912): During our time in the United Kingdom (April/May 2002) we visited Litchfield, a city, north of Birmingham. Whilst wandering through Beacon Park we came across this statue. We thought that it was a statue of a member of the British royal family. In fact it was a statue of Edward Smith, the Captain of the ill-fated Titanic that sank on its maiden voyage on 14th April 1912 (coincidentally it was almost 90 years to the day when we saw the statue) with the loss of 1522 lives including Captain Smith. The statue was sculptured by Lady Kathleen Scott and was unveiled on 29th July 1914, just six days before the outbreak of World War One, by Helen, the Captainís daughter.
Lady Scott was the widow of Scott of the Antarctic who lost his life in March 1912 whilst trying to reach the South Pole.
We have also seen a Titanic memorial in Australia. This was in Broken Hill in western New South Wales and was a memorial to the bandsmen who went down with the ill-fated liner.