Calytrix_tetragona.JPG (44445 bytes)Calytrix tetragona: is a member of the Myrtaceae family. Its common names are: Common Fringe Myrtle and White Star Flower.
Calytrix tetragona is a small to medium, spreading shrub with small, densely-clustered, aromatic leaves.
In spring plants carry masses of white, star-shaped flowers. In spring the Common Fringe Myrtle lights up bushland. The specimen illustrated is in the Pilliga Scrub. The plant was photographed in spring 2005. Calytrix tetragona is widespread in the Pilliga.  
Calytrix tetragona is a “double-barrelled” plant. Not only are the flowers an attractive feature but after they fade the flower bases (calyces) are retained and vary in colour from rusty brown to red.
The Common Fringe Myrtle appreciates light pruning after flowering.
Borders of native garden beds would benefit from the addition of the Common Fringe Myrtle.
There are several forms available. One has pink flowers and the other has a ground covering growth habit.
Calytrix tetragona is widely distributed and is found in all states except the Northern Territory .
Propagate from cutting that strike readily.
Western Australia is home to may Calytrix species. The majority have great horticultural potential.