Calotis.JPG (58564 bytes)Calotis lappulacea: is commonly known as the Yellow Burr-daisy and is a member of the Asteraceae family.
The Yellow Burr-daisy is a dwarf perennial with multiple stems that carry small, insignificant leaves.
Calotis lappulacea carries masses of bright yellow, globular flowers for many months of the year. The flowers are about one centimetre in diameter. After flowering the plants develop prickly fruits known as burrs. They tend to attach themselves to socks (see Seed Dispersal) so the Yellow Burr-daisy should not be planted near pathways.
Native cottage gardens and rockeries would benefit from the addition of this hardy, free-flowering perennial.
Calotis lappulacea occurs in all mainland states except the Northern Territory .
Propagate from seed or cuttings.
Yallaroo seems to suit the Yellow Burr-daisy. It is one of a number of native perennials that have regenerated in large numbers. In spring and summer many parts of Yallaroo are carpeted with Yellow Burr-daisies.
We do not find the burrs a nuisance but some graziers find that they are a problem when caught up in wool.