C.dentex1.JPG (51919 bytes)Calotis dentex: is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family and is one of the Burr Daisies. C.dentex2.JPG (19096 bytes)

Calotis dentex is an erect, hairy perennial shrub that will reach a height of 80 centimetres.

The leaves are oblong to lanceolate, up to nine centimetres long with toothed margins. Daisy-like flower heads are about 13 millimetres in diameter and white with yellow centres. Flowering occurs from October to April. Prickly, round seed heads, about 1.5 centimetres across, follow the flowers (see right hand image).

Calotis dentex becomes a trifle straggly in the wild but tip pruning will keep cultivated specimens tidy.

Calotis dentex is found in forests and woodlands usually on well-drained soil. The species occurs on the central and north coast and tablelands of New South Wales as well as Queensland.

Calotis dentex is virtually unknown in cultivation but could be grown in native cottage gardens and rockeries.

Propagate from cuttings.