Calltris_rhomboidea.JPG (49613 bytes)Callitris rhomboidea: is a member of the Cupressaceae family and is known as the Port Jackson Pine or the Oyster Bay Pine.

Callitris rhomboidea develops into a tall, shapely shrub or equally shapely small tree. Mature plants have the typical, conifer-like silhouette with dark green foliage.

Female cones are about two centimetres in diameter, brown with six scales (see image). The cones contain a number of seeds that have narrow wings and a strong resin odour.

Callitris rhomboidea would be an attractive addition to shelter belts and windbreaks. The species could also be cultivated either as a single specimen or perhaps three grown close together to create a decorative feature in domestic landscapes. Plants take about five years to reach maturity.

Callitris rhomboidea occurs in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Although widespread the species is not common.

In New Wales the species is known as the Port Jackson Pine whilst in Tasmania the common name is Oyster Bay Pine.

Aboriginal people used the plantís resin as an adhesive to attach spear heads to spear shafts.

Propagate from seed.