C.enderlicheri.JPG (21471 bytes)Callitris endlicheri: Is known as the Black Cypress Pine and is a native Australian conifer. The Black Cypress Pine is a member of the Cuppressaceae family. World wide there is 20 genera with 130 species. In Australia there is four genera with 17 species. There are 19 Callitris species. Two of these are native to New Caledonia whilst the others call Australia home.
Callitris endlicheri develops into an erect tree with spreading branches. The light green foliage will provide a contrast with other foliage in the garden. The bark is furrowed and sometimes exudes a sticky gum. Aboriginal people used the gum as an adhesive.
The Black Cypress Pine has wide distribution and occurs in many areas of New South Wales as well as Queensland and Victoria.
Just west of Yallaroo there is a hill covered with Black Cypress Pine. At the time we bought Yallaroo there were no specimens growing on the property. In the last ten years, since stock was removed, some specimens have appeared. As these plants mature their progeny will increase the Black Cypress Pine population. They will be a welcome addition to the Yallaroo environment.
Callitris endlicheri has typical conifer growth habit and could be cultivated as specimen trees or as components of windbreaks and shelterbelts. There is some evidence to suggest that native Cypress Pines have faster growth rates than their exotic cousins.
Propagate from seeds.