C.Western_Glory.JPG (46516 bytes)Callistemon Western Glory: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and originated in Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia. It is thought to be a cultivar of Callistemon citrinus. This is a native of eastern Australia. Callistemon Western Glory originated from seed imported from the east to Western Australia. Callistemon Kings Park Special originated in the same way.
Callistemon Western Glory is an erect shrub that will reach a height of three metres. The narrow, elliptic leaves are about six centimetres long with a sharp point.
Reddish-pink brushes appear in spring. Spent brushes should be removed. This keeps plants bushy and flowering prolifically.
Callistemon Western Glory requires a site in full sun for maximum flowering.
It is thought that this cultivar is identical to Callistemon Red Clusters.
Propagate from cuttings to maintain growth habit and flower colour.