C.teretifolius.JPG (40649 bytes)Callistemon teretifolius: is a member of the Myrtaceae family. Most Callistemons (or Bottlebrushes) are found near water or in moist situations. Callistemon teretifolius inhabits rocky areas of the Flinders Ranges in northern South Australia.

Callistemon teretifolius is a small to medium shrub with an open, spreading growth habit. The leaves are terete (circular in cross-section) and up to 10 centimetres in length. Young growth is soft and silky-hairy. Red flower spikes appear in late spring and summer. They are up to 10 centimetres long.

Callistemon teretifolius is a rare species that could be cultivated in native garden beds and shrubberies. This Bottlebrush has proved to be tolerant of both drought and frost. Cut off the spent flower spikes to prevent the plants becoming straggly. The flower was featured on an Australian 45 cent stamp in 1975.

We rediscovered the specimen illustrated in one of our garden beds in the spring of 2007. This individual was probably grown from seed that we collected over 30 years ago and is about five years old.

The botanists have been at work on the Callistemons and all species are now included in the Melaleuca genus. We will continue to call them Callistemons and regard this as their horticultural name.

Propagate from seed and cuttings.