C.sieberi.JPG (35553 bytes)Callistemon sieberi: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is a pendulous shrub reaching a height of three metres. The common name is River Bottlebrush. The leaves are narrow, almost linear, and grey-green, up to six centimetres long. The flower spikes are up to eight centimetres long and normally cream. Flowering occurs from late spring to autumn. Our plants usually flower from late spring to early summer.

River Bottlebrush is a widespread species and is found throughout New South Wales as well as Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and possibly Tasmania.

The species usually grows beside watercourses but in cultivation will happily grow in well-drained situations in full sun or light shade. The brushes are rich in nectar and the specimens, in our garden, attract many native insects. Native bees are very fond of the flowers and we have observed at least three species visiting the brushes.

Prune after flowering to promote bushy growth and bounteous blooming.

This species was previously known as Callistemon paludosus.

Propagate from seed or cuttings.