Callistemon_rigidus.JPG (59220 bytes)Callistemon rigidus: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as the Stiff Bottlebrush.

The Stiff Bottlebrush is a medium to tall shrub that may reach a height of three metres. Judicious pruning will keep plants to a tidier and more manageable height.

Leaves are linear, seven centimetres long with thick margins. The red flower spikes are ten centimetres long and appear in late spring and summer.

Callistemon rigidus, as the species name implies, has a rigid growth habit. Our specimen has proved to be hardy, free flowering as well as drought and frost tolerant. These characteristics apply to all the Callistemon species and cultivars that we are growing at Yallaroo. We estimate that there are between 100 to 150 Callistemons in our garden.

Propagate Callistemon rigidus from seed or cuttings.