C.pungens1.JPG (50330 bytes)Callistemon pungens: is a member of the Myrtaceae family that may reach a height of five metres.C.pungens2.JPG (25597 bytes) Judicious pruning will keep plants to a manageable height of about two metres. Very tall specimens will become straggly and produce few flowers.

Callistemon pungens has narrow-elliptical leaves up to three centimetres long with a sharp point. New growth is silvery. Purple flower spikes appear in late spring and early summer. They are six centimetres long, four centimetres wide and rich in nectar. Honeyeaters are constant visitors to the flowers.

Cut off spent flower spikes. This will encourage new growth, prevent the plant from becoming straggly and guarantee a bonanza of blooms next season. The image on the left shows one of our pruned Callistemon pungens. This plant is carrying hundreds of spikes.

Callistemon pungens is a hardy, free-flowering shrub. The brushes are an unusual colour. The species prefers full sun or light shade.

Callistemon pungens is found on the Northern Tablelands and Northwest Slopes of New South Wales as well as southern Queensland. The species has limited distribution with a maximum geographic range of 100 kilometres.

Callistemon pungens has been known as Callistemon Lana. This refers to a property, in northern New South Wales, that supports a population of this attractive Bottlebrush.

Propagate from seed or cuttings.