C.polandii.JPG (44572 bytes)Callistemon polandii: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is commonly known as the Gold-tipped Bottlebrush.
Callistemon polandii is a shrub that varies in height. Forms, of this species, range in size from compact shrubs to plants that will reach a height of four metres.
The leaves are ovate to lanceolate in shape and bear numerous oil dots. The brushes are from six to ten centimetres long and bright red with yellow anthers (hence the common name). Flowering is said to extend from late winter to early summer. This may be the case in warm climates. Our plants, at Yallaroo, flower in mid to late spring. Native bees and honeyeaters are frequent visitors to the flowers.
Callistemon polandii is a “double-barrelled” plant. Not only are the flowers extremely colourful but the new growth is bright red. Both young foliage and flowers are attractive features.
Our plants have developed into spreading, medium shrubs reaching a height of about one and a half metres.
Callistemon polandii is a native of Queensland. The species name does not refer to the country of origin but is named after the Rev. W. Poland.
Cut off the spent flowers to keep plants bushy and flowering profusely.
Propagate from seed or cuttings.