Callistemon_pinifolius_grn.JPG (53942 bytes)Callistemon pinifolius: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as the Pine-leaved Bottlebrush.Callistemon_pinifolius_red.JPG (64999 bytes)

Callistemon pinifolius is an open shrub that reaches a height of 1.5 metres with a similar spread.

The leaves are narrow, about ten centimetres long with a sharp point. The flower spikes may be bright lime-green or red. Spikes are about eight centimetres long. The unusual lime-green form is particularly attractive. Blooms appear in late spring.

Both colour forms have proved to be free flowering, hardy as well as drought and frost resistant.

Callistemon pinifolius is found in the Sydney region and also on the Western Slopes of New south Wales.

Propagate from seeds and cuttings. Both colour forms come true from seed.