C.phoeniceus.JPG (41066 bytes)Callistemon phoeniceus: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is a native of Western Australia . Its common name is Lesser Bottlebrush. The significance of this name escapes us.
There are only two Callistemons that are native to Western Australia . The other species is Callistemon glaucus.
Callistemon phoeniceus is an erect shrub that reaches a height of two metres. The grey-green leaves are broad-linear, often twisted and about ten centimetres long. Flower spikes are brilliant red and appear from late spring to early summer. Flowering may extend for eight weeks. Honeyeaters are attracted to the flowers. Remove spent flowers. This keeps plants dense and flowering profusely.
Callistemon phoeniceus grows naturally along watercourses and in depressions. At Yallaroo we have a number of specimens that are growing well in dry, well-drained situations. The species prefers full sun or light shade and will cope with frosts and drought.
Callistemon phoeniceus could be cultivated in an informal hedge or low windbreak.
There is a dwarf form known as Callistemon phoeniceus Prostrate.
The species name means bright red and refers to the flower colour.  
Propagate from seed or cuttings.