C.Mt_Oberon.JPG (24263 bytes)Callistemon Mount Oberon: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is a form of Callistemon pallidus.
Callistemon Mount Oberon is a rounded shrub that may reach a height of two metres. The leaves are elliptical to lanceolate and about five centimetres long. New growth is silvery.
Creamy-yellow brushes may reach 12 centimetres in length. Flowering occurs in late spring and is usually profuse.
Callistemon Mount Oberon is a hardy shrub that is frost and drought resistant. The variety is a useful screening plant.
The name refers to Mount Oberon, a peak in Wilsonís Promontory National Park in Victoria. We have fond memories of this bottlebrush. Many years ago we walked to the summit of Mount Oberon. Just below the summit we came across a specimen of this bottlebrush growing out of a rocky outcrop.
The plant illustrated is growing in one of our gardens. The photo was taken in the late spring of 2006 during a severe drought. In better conditions the flower spikes would be larger and more colourful.
Prune after flowering to promote dense growth and more flowers.
Propagate from seed or cuttings.