C.kenmorrison.JPG (15431 bytes)Callistemon kenmorrisonii: is a rare bottlebrush from north-eastern Victoria. Some years ago we read a description of Callistemon kenmorrisonii and when we visited Victoria managed to find a population growing along a creek. Seeds and cuttings were collected. One struck cutting was planted in one of our garden beds and in December 2002 this plant flowered profusely. A crimson brush crowned each branch. In the wild Callistemon kenmorrisonii grows into an upright shrub. Our specimen has developed into semi-prostrate plant with spreading branches. We have observed that this growth form often occurs with Callistemons grown from cuttings even if the parent has upright growth habit.
Although Callistemon kenmorrisonii naturally grows along watercourses, our specimen has survived and thrived in a well drained, wind swept garden bed. This ability grow satisfactorily in dry situations is a characteristic of many Callistemons.
We also have some plants grown from seed. It will be interesting to see how these seedlings develop. Callistemon kenmorrisonii is closely related to the better-known Callistemon subulatus.
As you can see both seed and cutting propagation is successful.