C.comboyne.jpg (34564 bytes)Callistemon comboynensis: is known as the Cliff Bottlebrush and is a member of the Myrtaceae family.
The Cliff Bottlebrush is a medium shrub with narrow to broad-lanceolate, leathery leaves with numerous oil dots. New growth is pinkish.
The flower spikes are red, 5 9 centimetres long and are seen in summer and autumn. Sporadic flowering may also occur throughout the year.
Callistemon comboynensis grows on cliff faces and rock crevices above 550 metres. The species occurs in the north coastal ranges of New South Wales and extends into Queensland. The species name refers to the Comboyne area, west of Taree on the north coast of NSW.
Prune after flowering to maintain a dense and bushy plant.
We have a number of Cliff Bottlebrushes growing in our gardens. Their flowers are an attractive feature and the plants have not been worried by drought or frost.
Propagate from seed or cuttings although cuttings are preferable as the species may hybridise with other Callistemons in the garden.