C.brachyandrus.JPG (44355 bytes)Callistemon brachyandrus: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and has a plethora of common names including: Prickly Bottlebrush, Mallee Bottlebrush and Prickly Mallee Bottlebrush.
Callistemon brachyandrus is usually a medium to tall shrub with small prickly leaves. Young growth is softly hairy.
The striking flower spikes are small, about six centimetres long and red with golden anthers. The flowering period extends from spring to autumn with sporadic flowering at other times. Full sun is preferred for maximum flowering.
Callistemon brachyandrus occurs in the inland regions of New South Wales , Victoria and South Australia .
The Prickly Bottlebrush could be grown in an informal hedge. Pruning after the main flowering period will keep plants bushy and flowering prolifically.
We first encountered this free-flowering Bottlebrush growing in a Taree garden on the North Coast of New South Wales. Cuttings were collected and now specimens are scattered throughout the gardens at Yallaroo. Our plants have proved to be very hardy and cope with droughts and frost. They have developed into small shrubs about one metre tall.
Propagate from seed ad cuttings.