C.Kings_Park.JPG (43420 bytes)Callistemon Kings Park Special: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is a cultivar selected from seedlings propagated in Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, Perth Western Australia.
Callistemon Kings Park Special is thought to be a hybrid between Callistemon citrinus and Callistemon viminalis. Neither parent is native to Western Australia so the seed was probably imported from the eastern states.
Regardless of its parentage this is a handsome Bottlebrush that develops into a medium to tall shrub with lanceolate leaves that end in a small point.
Flower spikes are bright red, up to 13 centimetres long and appear in summer with sporadic flowering at other times.
Callistemon Kings Park Special is an attractive plant with colourful flowers. It has proved to be very hardy and will cope with a wide range of soils and climatic conditions. We have grown “Kings Park Special” for many years and are very fond of its colourful flowers.
Remove spent flower spikes to keep plants bushy and blooming bounteously.
Propagate from cuttings to preserve its desirable characteristics