C.Hannah_Ray.JPG (36368 bytes)Callistemon Hannah Ray: is a form or cultivar of Callistemon viminalis (Weeping Bottlebrush).
Callistemon Hannah Ray is a tall shrub with pendulous branches. The leaves are narrow-lanceolate and new growth is bright pink. The large brushes are bright red. Late spring is the main flowering period. Honeyeaters flock to the brushes.
One author states that “Hannah Ray” may be damaged by heavy frosts. The University of New England , Armidale New South Wales , has many “Hannah Rays” growing on campus. This high altitude campus is prone to frost but the “Hannah Rays” are not damaged. The specimen, in our garden, also copes very well with frost.
Growth habit, foliage and flowers are all attractive features. Callistemon Hannah Ray would be an ideal addition to native shrubberies.
As with all Callistemons, remove the spent flowers to keep plants dense and blooming abundantly.
Propagation must be from cuttings to maintain “Hannah Ray’s” desirable characteristics.