C.Eastland.JPG (46855 bytes)Callistemon Eastland: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and was originally propagated from a plant growing in the Eastland shopping centre in Melbourne.
Callistemon Eastland is an open shrub that may reach a height of three metres with a spread of two metres.
Leaves are lanceolate with a sharp point.
The flower spikes are pinkish-red and seven centimetres long by five centimetres wide. Flowering occurs in late spring and early summer.
The flowers are an unusual colour and tend not to fade.
We have found Callistemon Eastland to be hardy and free flowering. A position in full sun is appreciated.
This cultivar is thought to be a form of Callistemon citrinus.
Propagation must be from cuttings to preserve the unusual flower colour.