Crnp02.JPG (25833 bytes)Cathedral Rock National Park has an area of 8900 hectares (22,200 acres) and is situated a few Kilometres west of New England National Park. Access is from Armidale or Dorrigo. Although relatively close to New England National Park this Park has a completely different character. Huge granite tors dominate Cathedral Rock National Park. Dry Sclerophyll Forest covers most of the Park.  Many eucalypt species are found throughout the area together with a wide range of native shrub species. Large populations of Banksia integrifolia and Banksia spinulosa occur throughout the Park. Barokee Rest Area is situated on the banks of a large wetland, which is the home of many native plants adapted to life in a moist environment. One walking track leads to a formation known as Woolpack Rocks. Another longer track traverses the Park.