C.pityiodes.JPG (13725 bytes)Callistemon pityoides: is known as the Alpine Bottlebrush. In days gone by, this species was known as Callistemon sieberi. This name is now assigned to another bottlebrush just to confuse things. The Alpine Bottlebrush inhabits high altitude areas in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Callistemon sieberi grows in wetlands. On the Northern and Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, the Alpine Bottlebrush is the dominant shrub in many high altitude wetlands.
Callistemon sieberi will develop into a medium, spreading shrub. Both foliage and flowers are different to “conventional” Callistemons. The leaves are small and prickly whilst the brushes are small (3-4cm long and 15-22cm in diameter). The flower spikes are usually cream tinged with green and appear in summer. The dense prickly foliage creates excellent small bird habitat.
In the garden, Callistemon sieberi will cope with dry and well-drained situations. Prune after flowering for dense, bird-protecting growth and maximum flowering.
Propagate this unusual bottlebrush from seeds and cuttings.